Grand Canyon National Park

Grand Canyon National Park of northwestern Arizona has mind-boggling and eye-opening panoramas of landscapes.

This national park in the United State was established in February 1919 which is spread over 1,217,262 acres of land and its Grand Canyon was beautifully crafted by geological activities and erosion caused by the Colorado River over some 6 million years ago.

The nearest cities to the Grand Canyon National Park are Fredonia and Tusayan.

The cave of the Domes on Horseshoe Mesa will mesmerize you and the North Rim and South Rim together will surely give you an amazing adventure.

If you want to see the depth of the canyon by standing on the edge without the fear of falling into it then there is this Skywalk which will surely give you a cunning view of this gorge.

Cloud inversion is an activity of cloud where they hug the canyon when the air near the ground is cooler than the air above it. It is something which park rangers adore.

There are so many things to do in the park-like stargazing, mule trips and rafting the great Colorado River.

Best Time To Visit


If you want to have a moderate temperature, then March to May is the best time to visit the park. This is the month where South and North Rims will mesmerize you with their wildflower season. The rainfall is limited and the crowd is thinner. June to August months are the summer months where the park is fully active but it will be crowded.

September to November will have comfortable temperature and will be less crowded, also due to shorter days you will be able to see a splendid glance of the sunset early. December to February will be the months of a lesser crowd and adventurous south trail.

Things to carry

Following are the things to carry for having a nice day in Grand Canyon National Park


Wearing a light layer will be essential as you can remove the layers according to weather conditions. In summer wear t-shirts, and shorts. In winter wear a long-sleeved shirt and a jacket.


Wear mid-weight shoes with firm ankle support for hiking into the park and if you are planning to visit south rim of the national park, then wear hiking boots, running shoes, sports shoes for rough terrain.


Carry refillable water bottles as the park has many water filling stations.

Star Chart or an App

If you want to know what the formation of stars is known as then do carry star chart or download an App to increase your wisdom regarding nature.

Besides the above things, do carry bug spray, flashlight, and binoculars.

Tips before Visiting

  • Travelling in a free shuttle will be good as you will not miss important sites. Also, there would be no need for you to worry about the parking spots.
  • In Sedona, don’t forget to take a ride in Pink Jeep. Pink Jeep tour is a thrilling and educational tour.
  • Don’t forget to see sunsets and sunrises.
  •  There are helicopter rides to look at the Grand Canyon from an aerial view.

No. Of Visitors in 2018

Around 6,380,495 number of tourists visited Grand Canyon National Park in 2018.