Olympic National Park Guide

Olympic National Park is a great universe of beaches, rainforests, snowy mountains, and glaciers.

Established in June 1938, This park is located in the State of Washington, on the Olympic Peninsula and some of the mesmerizing spots of it are Hoh Rain Forest, Hoh River Trail, crystal clear Lake Crescent, and Hurricane Ridge for stargazing.

The Olympic National Park is spread over 922,650 acres of land and is close to Port Angeles.

Kalaloch Beach and Ruby beach consists of splendid Tidepools which are home to hundreds of eccentric marine species like starfish and anemones.

The Olympic National Park is also home for humpback whales, banana slugs, mountain goats, and elk.

No. Of Visitors in 2018


Best time to visit

July to August

The best time to visit Olympic National Park is between July to August because of the temperature is warm and also all the facilities, programs, and most of the roads are open and operating in full swing.

Things to carry

Following are the things to carry while visiting Olympic national park

Tide Chart

A tide chart will help you in giving information regarding when the tides are rising and decreasing. This will help you to prevent from being stuck in one place due to high tides.

Water shoes having hard soles 

Wear water shoes that have hard soles so that you will be safe from getting hurt from sharp rocks and barnacles.

Hydration System

Have sufficient water that will keep you hydrated during hiking. Drink 0.5 to 1 litre per hour.

Hiking Boots

Wear strong waterproof and breathable hiking boots that will make your walking comfortable on wet puddles, muddy trails and rocky alpine paths.

Star Chart or Star App

It will help you to identify various star formations at night.


Bring binoculars to see amazing views of the park and seals, whales, bald eagles etc.

Also bring the emergency kit, rain jacket, layered clothing bug spray, Headlamp, waterproof bags that can protect your gadgets, Sun hat, Sunglasses, and Sunscreen.

Please keep the park clean and green, don’t litter.

Tips before Visiting

  • Spend 4 days to see most of the park.
  • You can visit the park by car and by ferries.
  • Kalaloch and Sol Duc campsites are the only campsites that require reservations.