Until the mid 18th Century, America was dominantly rural. Therefore the majority of people lived close to the forests and fields and walking amidst nature was a part and parcel of everyday life.

Thereon, with a gradual increase in industrialization, a rise in population after the Civil War “a walk in the woods” started to become a luxury. This, in turn, lead to a heightened appreciation for nature and an increase in consciousness about health factors.

As a result, Hiking emerged as a recognized recreational activity by the end of the 19th Century.  Due to its ever-increasing popularity, hiking participants in the United States have been following an ascending trend with 29.86 million in 2006 to 47.86 million in 2018.

National Parks for Hiking in United States

Although the USA has around 62 national parks covering approximately 84 million acres, almost all of which offer hiking services, here is the list of the top 5 national parks in the US for Hiking

Grand Canyon National Park 

The Grand Canyon National Park found in Arizona, United States is filled with multiple hike trails. A variety of hiking trails can be found here like the ones overlooking the rim which are easier to hike and trek and on the other hand, some more difficult trails like the ones which descend into the Canyon. Some exclusive hiking services to experience here are permitted waterfall hikes and mule rides. The top hiking trails found at the Grand Canyon include South Rim Trail, Bright Angel Trail, South Kaibab Trail, Bright Angel Point Trail, and the North Kaibab Trail. However, there are plenty more trails to choose from at the Grand Canyon. 

Bryce Canyon National Park

The bold and stunning visual scenery along with the dramatic hiking trails attract many hikers to the Bryce Canyon National Park. Hiking trails here wrap their way around the canyons from the ridges to the forests and sun-kissed hoodoos. A combination of quick and easy hiking trails paths along with more exhausting, half-day trails are found here. Select-few hiking trails at the Bryce Canyon to enumerate are, the most popular,  Queen’s Garden/Navajo Loop Combination Trail, Sunset Point to Sunrise Point, Peek-A-Boo Loop Trail, Queen’s Garden, Navajo Trail, Bristlecone Pines Hike, Tower Bridge and Mossy Cave. 

Acadia National Park 

With over 120 miles of hiking trails, Acadia National Park in the United States is another top destination for hiking enthusiasts. The easy and quick, family-friendly trails are found along the rocky coastlines. Whereas, the more difficult and exhausting trails are found at the granite peaks of this park. Ocean Path (Sand Beach To Otter Point), Cadillac Mountain Summit Loop, Jordan Pond Path (Jordan Pond Loop), And Wonderland Trail And/Or Ship Harbor Trail are some of the easy trails. On the other hand, the strenuous ones include Gorham Mountain Trail, Pemetic Mountain, And The  Penobscot Mountain And Sargent Mountain Trail. 

Glacier National Park 

The Glacier National Prak in Northwest- Montana, United States, offers around 700 miles of hiking adventures and it is found that over half of the people who visit this park engage in hiking. This park consists of diverse hiking trails, therefore there is something for everyone. The most popular and enticing hiking trails to explore at the Glacier National Park are  Highline Loop, Swiftcurrent Pass, Siyeh Pass Loop, The Dragon’s Tail, Pitamakan Pass, Ptarmigan Tunnel, Pitamakan Pass, Gable Pass, and the Cracker Lake Trail. A hiker can just not get enough of this place. 

Yosemite National Park

Found in California, Yosemite National Park offers ultimate intimacy with nature and wilderness through its magnificent hiking trails. With over 110 hard trails, it is a hikers paradise. Some of the best hiking trails at the Yosemite National Park are the famous Half Dome Trail which was also considered as one of the most dangerous in the US, Four Mile Trail, Yosemite Falls Trail, Panorama Trail, Pohono Trail, and The Clouds Rest Trail.