Canyonlands National Park

In the heart of Southeastern Utah near the town of Moab, There is a National Park known as the Canyonlands National Park which has a huge treasure crate of numerous wondrous canyons, vibrant buttes, unique mesas, amazing fins, overwhelming spires and excellent arches.

The park was established in September 1964 and is subdivided by amazing Colorado and Green Rivers into four elegant districts known as The Island in the Sky, The Maze, The Needles, and The Horseshoe Canyon.

Water and gravity were the designers who sculpted layers of rocks into the impressive landscapes where you can go on hiking trails spots like The Syncline Trail Loop, The Neck Spring Trail, The Murphy Point Overlook trail, And The Mesa Arch Trail.

The Canyonlands National park is perfectly equipped with natural beauty and besides hiking, you can also do mountain biking, camping, horseback riding, river rafting and rock climbing activities.

Best Time To Visit

March to June and August to October

March to June is the month where the mild temperature of the 60s to warm temperature of  80s occurs and in August to October, the temperature of warm 80s to 60s mild occurs.

Things to Carry

Here are the things that you should carry for having an amazing trip in Canyonlands National Park.


It will be better to wear loose-fitting having light-coloured short sleeves clothing during the warm season.


There is the possibility of raining every now and again in the desert so wear a raincoat.


Daypack will be very beneficial for storage of your belongings.

Hydration systems

Hydration systems are convenient to use plus it allows drinking of water sip by sip and this prevents gag reflexes. Gag reflexes are caused because of the gulping of a lot of water at once.

Star Charts

By using star charts you can find out the star formations name at night.

You should also carry hiking shoes, mittens for winter, dry bags for protecting electronics, hat, sunglasses, lip balm, suncream, and insect repellent.

You should also not hamper the beauty of the park and maintain its cleanliness.

Tips before visiting

  • Visit “Island in the Sky” in the summer as it will be very cool during the other months.
  • Visit the “Needles” during the winter season as it will be warm during this season.
  • Enjoy the sunset views by hiking Aztec Butte where there will be less crowd or no crowd at all.

Number of Visitors

There were approximately 739,449 number of visitors in 2018