Acadia National Park

Acadia National Park is a breathtaking and astonishing park residing in the state of Maine near Bar Harbor city of the United States. This park is located along the Atlantic coastline of US and is one of the few national parks which is located on an Island.

Acadia was established in July 1916, Major attractions of the park include Mt. Penobscot, Jordan Pond, Echo Lake, Thunder Hole Otter Cove, and the Schoodic Peninsula and the park is adobe for beavers, deer, minks, grey seals, black bears, coyotes, and chipmunks

Acadia is packed with the beautiful woodland landscape, magnificent mountains and Knotty shorelines.

Best time to visit

Acadia National Park
Acadia National Park – Img@Pixabay

September to October is the best time to visit Acadia National Park

The crowd is less and the temperature will be from the 40s to 50s. So it will be cool weather. In October month, you will get to see a beautiful view of the landscape because of the color change of the leaves.

Things to Carry

Before knowing the things to carry, keep in mind one important thing of being a responsible tourist and not littering the park.

Precautionary Equipment 

When it comes to wilderness, insects can’t be avoided so carry insect repellent. To protect from sun’s heat carry sunscreen lotion also don’t forget to carry first aid kit, water bottles, flashlight and a Compass.

Comfortable Clothing

In summer you can wear comfortable shorts and T-Shirts. If you are planning for swimming then don’t forget to bring a bathing suit. In the cold weather, wear a fleece, gloves and a hat. Also, carry a raincoat if it rains.

Camping Equipment

Carry a quality tent, firm rope, tarp, and sleeping bags. Also, carry Firewood or camping stove for cooking.

Don’t forget to carry food if you are camping also don’t forget to carry hiking shoes with strong grips. Bring a good camera if you want to capture the moments and also good hiking shoes.

Tips before visiting

  • Be an early bird and visit it in the early morning to avoid traffic. Wait till the late afternoon to enjoy the beautiful scenery of nature. 
  • There is a good service of bus available known as the Island Explorer bus system which will get you around the park very easily and comfortably. If you don’t want the trouble of finding space then you must take the bus.

Number of Visitors

Approximately 3.54 million visitors have visited Acadia National Park in the year 2018.