Congaree National Park

Due to the efforts of the Grassroots campaign that began in 1969, today the United States of America’s South Carolina consists of a paradise Congaree National Park that is spread over 26,276 acres of land.

The Congaree National Park got its official designation on 10th November 2003 and has the nation’s extensive treasure of old-growth bottomland hardwood forest. The Eastern United States is blessed with the tallest lush “champion” trees which will surely give an amazing gaze up views to you.

Other major attraction is the wonderful Congaree river that flows through the park and increases the park’s charm.

The International Biosphere Reserve has dwellings of fascinating otters, amazing deers, vibrant bobcats, wild feral pigs, coyotes and turkeys.

The Congaree National Park that is located near to Eastover is good for camping, kayaking, hiking, and also consists of the visitor center to give wisdom to you on the area’s natural history and culture.

Best Time To Visit

March to April and September to October

The temperature in spring ( March to April ) is warm with average daily highs reaching the mid to upper 70’S. The months are also associated with rainfall.

The autumn season of September to November has the daily temperature around the 70’S with low humidity, Water sports doing in these months will be full of fun.

Things to Carry

 Before knowing what to carry please don’t forget to maintain the cleanliness of the park:


Wear clothing that can be easily removed depending on the weather conditions. Wear light and breathable fabrics during warm weather and sweaters during the cold weather. Also, don’t forget to carry raincoat as it can rain anytime

Compass and a Map

It’s better to have a compass and a map so that you don’t get lost.


Each person must carry 2 litres of water so that you remain hydrated.

Also, don’t forget to carry flashlights, first aid box, and insect repellent.

Tips before visiting

  • Before exploring the trails don’t forget to take a free self-guiding brochure from the Harry Hampton Visitor Center.
  • The Boardwalk Loop Trail is 2.4 miles long so if you want to have a short trail and abundant mesmerizing views then hike the lower portion of the trail.
  • You can carry pets on all the trails, however, they should have a leash.
  • No matter what you forget, but don’t forget bug repellent.
  • Stay at a national park lodge to fully feel the park.
  • Do contact park rangers when you arrive as they will give you every information like which roads are open, which are the best spots to see the beauty of nature, what to carry, etc.

Number of Visitors

Approximately 145929 numbers of tourists visited the Congaree National Park