Channel Islands National Park

Channel Islands National Park is a park which is spread over five fabulous Islands (Santa Rosa, San Miguel, Santa Cruz, Santa Barbara and Anacapa) in the Pacific ocean of California, U.S.A.

Established in March 1980, The Park provides spectacular scuba diving, kayaking, spearfishing experiences of oceans as well as hiking and camping experiences of the land.

The five Islands that are spread over 249,561 acres of land are blessed with natural beauty and the things which can intrigue you consist of doing Sea Cave Kayak Adventure at Scorpion Anchorage, exploring the Painted Cave, snorkelling amongst the Kelp Forest, picnicking and hiking on Santa Cruz Island.

The park is a home for the endangered Blue Whale. Animals like Deer Mouse, Channel Island Fox, Spotted Skunk and Island Fence Lizard also dwell here. Around 2000 species of plants and animals are found here out of which 145 of the species are found only here.

Best Time To Visit

Year-Round (January to December)

The park is enjoyable throughout the year, however, if you want to watch whales, then late December to March and July to August are the best months to visit.

Things to Carry

You can carry below-mentioned things in the park:


The afternoon will be warm so wear light clothing but the mornings and evenings will be cold so wear jackets, sweaters, long sleeves and gloves.


 Wear sturdy hiking shoes with quality soles.


Carry one gallon of water per person.

Binoculars and Camera

Carry binoculars to see the beauty of the park and a camera to capture the beauty of it as a memory.

Besides, the above things do carry an emergency kit, food, and insect repellents.

Tips before visiting

  • To know the latest happening events, do visit Channel Islands, National Park.
  • For camping, you have to do reservation by calling 877-444-6777 or visiting
  • Only gas camp stoves are allowed in the park for cooking purposes.
  • Put all your foodstuff in animal and bird protected containers. Such type of containers is provided by the park.

Number of Visitors

Around 366250 tourists visited the Channel Islands National Park in 2018.