Crater Lake National Park- Information

Southern Oregon’s Crater Lake National Park is the fifth oldest national park in the U.S and has the deepest lake of around 1,949 feet of whose luminous blue water will surely make you go aww.

Even though the national park was established in May 1902, Its stunning Crater lake was formed around 7,700 years ago due to the dazzling volcanic eruption of Mount Mazama.

The water’s clear blue colour is an indication of its dept and virtue. The lake is surrounded by a cliff. The cliff along with the rain and snow enhances the beauty of the lake to a greater extent.

The Crater Lake National Park is spread over 183,224 acres and is one of the 7 wonders of Oregon and appealing allurements of it consists of the Cleetwood Cove Trail, the Wizard Island, the Rim Drive, the Sun Notch, and the Phantom Ship.

There are 15 species of conifers trees which are host to spotted owls, black bears, elk, and mountain lions.

Best Time To visit

July to September

From July to September park’s roads, trails, and facilities tend to be fully open, so this is the best month to enjoy the park. However, if you want to enjoy the snow, then visit the park in May and June.

Things to Carry

Here are the things to carry while visiting Crater lake:

Shoes and socks

One should wear sturdy walking shoes and warm socks.


Everyone should wear Long-sleeve shirts, long pants, sweaters and mittens if it’s cold, and a raincoat if it rains.


A backpack to carry your belongings like snacks, water bottles, sunscreen, camera and binoculars etc.

Besides, the above things carry an emergency kit and sunglasses.

Tips before visiting

  • First and foremost, don’t forget to get a  map of the park before exploring the park from the visitor centre.
  • Visit early in the morning to avoid crowds and traffic.
  • Do pack your lunch as there is nothing in the park that will cater to your hunger. However, there are food stops at Rim Village and at crater lodge.

Number of Visitors

Around 720659 number of tourists visited the Crater Lake National Park.