All About Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve

Be amazed by the stunning views of the glacial calving at Glacier Bay National Park located near Juneau, Alaska. The nearest city to the park is Juneau and the park is spread over 3,223,384 acres of land.

Established in December 1980, This Glacier Bay National Park of United States is a paradise of 3.3 million acres of astonishing mountains, fantastic glaciers, peculiar rainforest, admirable coastlines, and mind-boggling fjords.

There are various glaciers, however, some of the striking glaciers are Grand Pacific Glacier, Lamplugh Glacier, Johns Hopkins Glacier, Margerie Glacier, Gilman Glacier, McBride Glacier, and LaPerouse Glacier.

There are four experiencing Hiking trails available like Bartlett Lake Trail, Beach Trail, Bartlett River Trail, and Forest Loop Trail.

If you want to watch gorgeous whales then there are whale watching trips organized for you. There are also flightseeing tours for you to enjoy the aerial views.

Besides the cruise ship to explore Alaska’s Inside Passage, you can also take small boat rides or go kayaking.

Other mesmerizing places include Marble Islands, Bartlett Cove, West Arm, Muir Inlet, Wolf Creek, and White Thunder Ridge.

The ocean is full of many marine creatures like sea lions, sand lance, sleeper sharks, Pacific herring, halibut, capelin, juvenile salmonids, juvenile walleye pollock, lanternfish, and adult salmons.

The sky has plenty of birds like puffins, alcids, guillemots, murres, and terns whereas the land has bears and wolves.

No. Of Visitors in 2018


Best Time To Visit

May to September

Enjoy the mesmerizing journey in any month from May to September as the weather will be pleasant. The cold winds will take you in an outstanding paradise. You would also feel fresh due to little rainfall.

Things to Carry

Following are the things to carry


Wear a winter jacket and gloves for the snowy season and rain gear for the rainy season.


Carry a camera so that you can take back home beautiful pictures of the park


Carry binoculars to see amazing scenic views as well as amazing animals.

You should also carry good shoes, water, and first aid kit. Please keep the park clean and don’t litter.

Tips before Visiting

  • Stay aware of bears and moose. They will not hurt you unless you do something stupid.
  • There is no entrance fee however reservation and permits are required. Reservation is required for private boating, rafting, camping, etc.
  • To all those birdwatchers, do visit the Marble Islands. You will get to see many birds.
  • If you are a fan of camping, hiking and kayaking then do visit Muir Inlet.
  • A three-day trip will be right to enjoy most of the park.