Introduction to Isle Royale National Park

Isle Royale is embraced by Lake Superior which offers a relaxing retreat and an awesome quest for hikers, kayakers, canoeists, boaters, backpackers, and scuba divers. The Isle Royale National Park is spread over 571,790 acres of land.

Isle Royale National Park of Michigan State was established in April 1940 and the island has a union of beautiful boreal and northern hardwood ecosystems. Spruce, fir, pine, birch, aspen, ash, and maple trees give the park a fantastic look.

There are many trails in which you can go hiking like Greenstone Ridge Trail, Island Mine Trail, Minong Ridge Trail, Indian Portage Trail, and Rock Harbor Trail. Also, you can have a great day on Rock Harbor and Windigo.

Scuba diving in Lake Superior and canoeing in Tobin Harbor are the must-to-do activities.

The wildlife of the park consists of moose, red fox, wolves and many other animals.

No. Of Visitors in 2018


Best Time To Visit

May to September

A perfect time to visit Michigan’s Isle Royale National Park is between May to September when the temperature will be splendidly comfortable and when the rainfall will be limited. From May to September months, the highest average temperature will be 24° in July and the lowest average temperature of 15° might be felt in may.

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Things to carry

Whatever you carry, do remember to take back with you as littering is not allowed in the park. Following are the things to carry


Carry non-perishable foods having high nutrients and energy value like dried-fruits, energy bars, nuts, and veggies.

Camping Equipment

Carry waterproof tent, sleeping bags, camping stove, fuel, and matches or butane lighter.

Navigation Tools

It’s better to stay on the path and not get lost. So carry a compass, map and GPS.

Along with the above things, don’t forget to carry water, first aid box, flashlight and comfortable weather clothing.

Please don’t litter and take the trash back with you.

Tips before Visiting

  • There are four passenger ferries and one seaplane that go and come from the park. Book tickets in advance as they get sold out quickly.
  • Drink filtered water so that you don’t get sick.
  • Do follow all the rules of boating. The rules are for your own safety.
  • There are around 36 campgrounds for camping and each ground requires a permit. Some campground requires reservations and some work on the basis of first-come, first-served basis.