Mammoth Cave National Park

Mammoth Cave National Park is located in central Kentucky of U.S.A and is known for its world’s longest cave system of more than 400 miles explored.

The Mammoth Cave National Park is spread over 52,830 acres of land and the nearest city is   Brownsville.

Established in July 1941, hiking, horseback riding, camping, kayaking, and fishing are the activities that will intrigue you.

River Styx Spring, Echo River Springs, and Green River Bluffs trails are the hiking spots that will give you an awesome adventure to remember.

The Mammoth cave is so stunning and mind-blowing that you will not feel of leaving it.

The wildlife of the park consists of bats, white-tailed deer, black bears, and superfluity of birds.

Best time to visit

March to October

March to October will be comfortable till warm temperature and summer is the best season to visit the Mammoth Cave National Park. There will be some rainfall too.

Things to carry

The Following are the things to carry while visiting Mammoth Cave National park.


Inside the cave, the temperature will be cold so do carry a jacket or a sweater.

Cave Equipment

Wear knee pads, hard hat, miner’s headlamp.

Also, Carry a water bottle and an emergency kit.

Please don’t carry sharp instruments, pepper spray/mace, camera. child carrier backpacks, walking sticks and Strollers.

Tip before Visiting

  • The cave tour takes a couple of hours to complete and there are no restrooms inside the caves.
  • You can buy snacks, souvenirs, chocolates, ice creams, gifts from the shops at the visitor center.
  • GPS can go wrong, take a map or follow the signs.
  • While entering and exiting the park your shoes are going to get clean by soapy water, so wear shoes that will not get hampered because of water.

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