Saguaro National Park- Information

Saguaro National Park was established in October 1994 in Pima County, southeast Arizona, U.S.A and is famous for its stunningly giant cactus having variant sizes, styles, and formations.

The park is divided into two parts- West and East and is spread over 91,716 acres of land. The park is located near Tucson, Chandler, and Mesa cities.

while the west is the land consisting of many ravishing cactus, East is famous for its Javelina and Mica View picnic spots.

Not only the park is home for the giant Saguaro cactus but it is also home for prickly pear, cholla, and barrel cactus.

The appealing attraction of the Saguaro National Park consists of the cactus garden trail,  sunset on the desert discovery trail, petroglyphs at signal hills, scenic bajada loop drive, Sendero Esperanza trail, cactus loop drive, Javelina Rocks, and Rincon mountain overlook.

The fauna consists of mountain lions, coyote, rattlesnakes, jackrabbits, packrats, Gila monsters, and javelina.

The activities that you can do here consists of hiking trails, backcountry camping, biking, and driving.

No. Of Visitors in 2018


Best Time to Visit Saguaro National Park


The park is fantastic to visit year-round. Summers are warm and winters are comfortable, so for hikers, they will enjoy hiking between October and April. There will be occasional torrential thunderstorms from July to September.  In winters there will be some rain as well as there will be a sunny day, Snowfall is light and it melts quickly. You will get to see splendid wildflowers from mid-March to mid-April.

Things to carry

Following are the things to carry while visiting Rocky Mountain national park.

Park Map

Get a park map from the park visitor center so as to not get lost while exploring the park.

Salty Snacks

Salty snacks will help to maintain the blood pressure properly. It will also help to keep muscles and nerves in proper working conditions.

Besides the above things, do carry a water bottle or a hydration system, emergency kit, sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, layered clothing, camping equipment, compass, and GPS.

Tips before Visiting

  • Remember the park is known for its cactus, so be careful where you put your hands and feet at.
  • There are charges to enter the park.
  • If you are bringing your kids, then don’t forget to participate in the Junior Ranger’s program. As there are many educational activities that your kids can do.
  • There are 6 campsites in the park and a permit is required for staying overnight. Vehicles can’t reach the campsite, you have to do hiking.
  •  Gilbert Ray Campground is the best placer for doing RV Camping.