American Samao- Introduction

In the heart of the Pacific ocean and spread across the three islands of the United States,  stands the National Park of American Samoa. Tutuila, Ofu, and Ta‘ū Islands are the islands who proudly shares the national park. The nearest city to the park is Pago Pago.

The majority of these volcanic islands land area consists of splendid tropical rainforest. The national park is blessed with its 4000 acres of the part to be in the underwater. The offshore will surely make you feel wonderful and fresh.

Things to do

The National Park of American Samoa was established in October 1998 that is spread over 13,500 acres of land and is the only National Park Service site south of the Equator. Major allurements include the magnificent tallest sea cliffs of Ta‘ū, beautiful lowland ridge forest of Tutuila, the wonderful cloud forest of Ta‘ū, and coral sand beaches.

The park also consists of unique species of fauna like wattled honeyeater, Samoan starling, Pacific pigeon, Tahiti petrel, spotless crake, fruit dove, pelagic gecko, Polynesian gecko, mourning gecko, stump-toed gecko, Pacific boa and seven skink species.

The Marine world is filled with 950 species of fish, and over 250 coral species from which sea turtles and humpback whales make the ocean splendid.

Best Time to Visit National Park of American Samao

July to September

Most of the climate in Samoa is hot but, It is the month of July to September has a pleasant temperature with a low level of humidity and dry weather.

Things to Carry

Following are the things to carry while visiting National Park of American Samoa:


 American Samoa is very strict when it comes to clothing, so do remember to wear moderate clothes and be aware to cover your clothing suits with appropriate clothes.


Carry sturdy boots with strong grips for hiking.

Safety Equipment

Protect yourself from the mosquitoes by carrying mosquito repellent, also carry first aid kit, sunscreen and water bottles.

Don’t forget to carry snorkelling equipment and raincoat. Also please keep the environment clean.

Tips before visiting

  • Trails can be muddy and slippery so it is very important that you carry snorkel equipment.
  • Of and Olosega is best for discovering coral reefs and will surely give you the best snorkelling experience but you are required to bring your own snorkel equipment.

Number of visitors

In 2018, The total number of visitors in National park of American Samao is 28,626