Everglades National Park- Key Information

The park which was authorized in May 1934 has got the title of “Amazon of North America” and has also been included in the world heritage site list with being declared as an International Biosphere Reserve.

The park is located in the Miami-Dade, Monroe, & Collier counties, Florida, United States.

Some of the unique spots of the park include the Anhinga trail, Pa-Hay-Okee Lookout Tower, Mahogany Hammock Paurotis Pond, Shark Valley, Nike Hercules missile base and Flamingo Visitor Centre.

The Everglades National Park is home to some of the rare and endangered species like the Manatee, Florida Panther, and Florida Balck Bear. You will also get to see Alligators and Crocodiles which only co-exist in this park and nowhere else. Other fauna includes the herons and turtles. Whereas the flora of more than 40 different species of rare Orchids exists here with pride.

One of the specialities of this place is the airboat ride which will surely give you an amazing experience while exploring the swamps.

Best Time To Visit

December to April

Winter dry season is the best time to visit Everglades National Park. Temperatures are comfortable and humidity is low. You will also get to feel a bit cold wave which comes from the north. There is limited rainfall too. All the facilities of the park are open in these months.

Things to Carry


Protect your skin from insects by wearing long sleeves and long pants. Wear ponchos for the rainy season.

Sunscreen and Sunglasses

Apply sunscreen to protect from sunburn and also wear sunglasses to protect from ultraviolet rays.

Insect Repellent

Carry insect repellent to protect yourself from an insect bite.

Battery Operated Fans

If you want to have a super comfortable trail in the park then carry 1 or 2 small battery-operated fans.

Besides the above things, you can also carry 2 litres of water, hiking shoes and a camera.

Tips before Visiting

  • Be aware of the poisonous plants like Poisonwood, Poison Ivy and Manchineel
  • Stay safe from the poisonous snakes like Diamondback rattlesnakes, Pygmy rattlesnakes,  Coral snakes and Water moccasins.
  • Pets are not allowed on trails.
  • Drive your vehicle slowly so that you can have complete views of wildlife.

Number of Visitors

Approximately 597124 tourists visited Everglades National Park in 2018.