Mount Rainier National Park- Information

Mount Rainier National Park is an Elysium full of waterfalls, wildlife, Inland rain forest and an active volcano, Mount Rainier that erupted approximately 150 years ago.

The park is located in southeast Pierce County and northeast Lewis County in Washington state and is famous for majestic Mt. Rainier, the euphoria of Narada Falls, Grove of the patriarch’s trails, silver falls trail, and skyline trail.

The park is spread over 236,381 acres of land and is closer to the Tacoma city.

You can do various activities here like hiking, fishing, skiing, snowboarding, mountain climbing and backpacking according to the seasons.

Mount Rainier National Park is also home for fauna that includes elk, black bears, mountain goats, squirrels, deer and jays.

When to Visit Mount Rainier National Park?


These are the great months to enjoy the beauty of wildflowers in the park. The landscape is full of wildflowers of amazing colours. With the temperature ranging from the 60s to the high 70s, hiking will be thrilling.

Things to carry

Carry the following things along with you while visiting the Mount Rainier national park


Wear warm and layered clothing. And also carry a rain jacket.


Carry a map, compass and GPS. and don’t just depend on GPS or any other electronic media as they are nothing without batteries.

Sun Protection

While hiking on the snow, apply sunscreen on the back of your neck, tips of your ears, and under your chin. You should also wear sunglasses.

Flashlight or Headlamp

Explore the darkness of the park by wearing a headlamp and carrying a flashlight.

Do carry an emergency kit, hydration system, food having nutrient properties like cashews and peanuts.

Tips before Visiting

  • In all, there are six campsites in the park known as Ipsut Creek, Sunshine Point, White River, Mowich Lake, Ohanapecosh, and Cougar Rock. Only the Sunshine Point is open throughout the year. And others are open only in late spring to early fall.
  • There are also lodges inside the park.
  • There are no bus shuttles provided in the park. But you can travel by car.

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