Lassen Volcanic National Park

Established in August 1916, Lassen Volcanic National Park is located in northeastern California and blessed with all the four types of volcanoes which include Shield, Cinder Cone, Composite, and plug dome. The park is close to Redding and Susanville cities.

The park that is spread over 106,452 acres of land has shimmering views of lava beds, dunes, boiling spring lake, Devils Kitchen in the Warner Valley, Terminal Geyser, mud pots, and steam vents.

Go climbing the Cinder Cone- a big pile of volcanic mater and view the radiant view of the crater.

When it’s the snowy season, don’t forget to ski the foothills of Lassen. And when its summer,  enjoy the Manzanita Lake by paddling, hiking, swimming, and birdwatching.

Mill Creek fall trail and driving the entire 30-mile scenic drive on main park road will surely mesmerize you.

Best time to visit

June to September

IF you want to enjoy winter sports then Uptill July there will be a snowy season. After that, you can enjoy a great view of crater in the summer season. 

Things to carry

Following are the things to carry while visiting  Lassen Volcanic National Park.


Protect your skin from lava related factors by wearing closed-toe and sturdy shoes.


Bring a gallon of water to remain hydrated.

Along with the above things, one should also carry long pants, sunglasses, sunscreen, hat and emergency kit.

Please don’t litter.

Tip before Visiting

  • There are newspapers that will tell you about hiking roots, experiences that you can get on that hiking route. 
  • Be aware of bears. Stay alert near streams and the places where the vegetation is dense.
  • Lightning is dangerous, so know the weather forecast before hiking the park. 
  • Avoid hiking on Lassen Peak, Brokeoff, Cinder Cone, and Mt. Harkness trails to avoid thunder strikes.
  • Search for the ravines and crouch on the foot if lightning occurs.

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