North Cascades National Park

North Cascades National Park that is spread over 504,654 acres of land is located in the state of Washington, U.S.A and is famous for delighting forests, fragile subalpine meadows, and heavenly glaciers.

Established in October 1968, The national park is one unit of the North Cascades National Park and the other two units are the Ross Lake National Recreation Area and Lake Chelan National Recreation Area.

The North Cascades mountain range is also known as the North American Alps and mesmerizing allurements include Diablo lake and blue lake.

Hiking, backpacking, mountaineering and snowing are the best activities to do in the park according to the seasons.

The wildlife which mesmerizes this place with their presence includes black-tailed deer, mule deer, black bears, mountain goats, hoary marmots, mountain lions, and bobcats.

When to visit North Cascades National Park?

June to August

The best time to visit Washington’s North Cascades National Park is between June to August, When you will have a delightful temperature and limited rainfall.

Things to carry

Carry the following things along with you while visiting the Mount Rainier National Park


Wear layered clothing. There are many twists and turns in trails. So wear comfortable yet sturdy pants. Also, wear shoes that will protect your feet from rocks and roots, and traction on dry and wet surfaces.

Bug-protective clothing

Wear clothes with built-in insect repellent or bug-net clothing to protect from bugs.

Do carry camping kit, water, emergency kit, map, and compass.

Tips before Visiting

  • Camping at Gorge Lake campground is free. However, the camp spot is given on a first come first serve basis.
  • Before starting your trail, do see the weather forecast and also get information regarding which trails are open for exploring from the rangers.
  • Do not forget to enjoy the floating resort on the lake.

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