Carlsbad Caverns National Park- Introduction

In the exquisite Guadalupe Mountains of southeastern New Mexico, lays a calm American national park named as Carlsbad Caverns National Park.

The park is spread around 46766 acres and 339 acres(Private) of land which was established in May 1930 and consists of some of the largest caves in North America. Some 6 million years ago, the caves were gorgeously carved by invariably flowing water.

There are 113 eminent caves in the park and each one of them will give you a unique experience. Lechuguilla Cave is one of the grandiose nation’s deepest and fourth-longest limestone caves which is extended by 1,567 feet which you should not miss visiting.

The temperature in the cave is relaxingly cooler which will make you forget the outside hotness of New Mexico. The cave consists of majestically curved geographical structures like  The big room, The King’s Palace, and the Queen’s Palace.

The Interior of the cave will surely give you a positive aura. The ceiling consists of perfectly crafted stalactites whereas the flooring has wonderfully carved stalagmites.

Number of Visitors

There were 465912 visitors who visited Carlsbad Caverns National Park in 2018.

Best Time To Visit

Year-Round (January to December)

Let the weather be of any kind, the weather in the caves remains constant at 56°F. So even if it’s the hot summer, still the temperature underground remains cool. Desert is in the bloom stage in spring or fall, thus this is also something which you can enjoy. Bats can be spotted flying from May to October. In summer and on major holidays, the main cavern gets crowded.

Things to Carry

Here are the things to carry that will make your trip in the cave comfortable


The temperature outside the cave will be warm so wear cotton t-shirts but inside it will be cold so carry a sweater or a jacket.


Shoes should have rubber soles so that you will walk comfortably. Carry sneakers or hiking boots.


Inside the cave, there will be dim light so you can bring a flashlight. Even without the flashlight, you can enjoy the beauty of the cave.


Capture the beautiful moments of the cave in your cameras.

Don’t forget to carry a water bottle. Also, maintain the cleanliness of the cave by not littering.

Tips before visiting

  • You can visit the caves by walking through the Natural Entrance or by taking an elevator. If you are a fan of hiking, then take the natural entrance tour.
  • If you want to see bats, then there are night programs conducted in the summers.
  • If you are carrying a baby then you can carry it in a baby backpack as baby strollers are not allowed inside the cave.
  • If you are bringing tripods then it is only allowed on self-guided tours and not on ranger-lead tours. 
  • No foodstuff and flavoured water are allowed inside the cave, so bring only plain water.
  • If you are second time explorer of the cave and if you are bringing back the same items in the cave that you have carried with you in your first visit,  then you would be required to swipe those items with disinfectant before entering the cave. As this will prevent the spread of a deadly fungus known as the White-nose syndrome to the bats.
  • You can carry canes and walking stick only if you are having medical problems associated with it.
  • Try to speak in a low tone in the caves because the sound echoes a lot and that will cause discomfort to everyone including you.