Denali National Park and Preserve

Denali National Park is an amalgamation of divine mountains, dazzling glaciers and dashing forests which will give you an out of the ordinary adventure and experience.

This United States National Park has its accommodation in Interior Alaska and was established in February 1917.

The park is located in Denali Borough and Matanuska-Susitna Borough of Alaska. Furthermore, the nearest city to the park is Healy.

The Park has the tallest mountain in entire North America. It is 20, 310 feet long peak. The name of the mountain is “Mountain- Big” or “The Tall One.”

They have only one road known as the Denali Park Road which will give you splendid scenic views of the wilderness.

There are various activities that you can do here like cycling, backcountry camping, photographing, and hiking in the day. You can also indulge yourself into the soothing view of the Aurora Borealis in the peaceful night.

The Denali National Park has refreshing Kahiltina Glacier, majestic Mount McKinley, admirable Savage river, Eielson Visitor centre, and Murie Science and Learning centre.

The park is also famous for its Dinosaur fossils. A three-toed carnivore named as Theropod was the first of the fossils discovered here. The park is spread on more than 6 million acres on which 36 species of mammals, 169 species and 1 amphibian roam. The park also has 1,500 species of plants.

The fauna which attracts the most consist of moose, grizzly bear, Dall sheep, caribou wolves, and wood frogs.

Best Time To Visit

May to September

May to September are the best months to visit Denali National Park as the months will be having candy cold and amiable temperature. There will be also some classy rainfall for you to have the best experience touring the park.

Things to Carry

Following are the things which you should not forget to carry:


Be prepared for any weather by carrying layers of warm jackets, breathable jackets, sweatshirts, and pants.

Insect repellent and Mosquito net

Carry insect repellent to save yourself from insect bites and if you are planning to spend time near Teklanika river or Wonder lake then do carry a mosquito net.

Binoculars and Camera

Carry binoculars to see the animals and the surroundings of the park and also carry a camera to capture the beautiful memories.

Besides, the above things do carry first aid kit, sleeping pad, a compass and waterproof hiking shoes.

Please be a responsible tourist by maintaining the cleanliness of the park.

Tips before visiting

  • Before exploring the park get all the information required from the visitor centre for having a happy and safe journey inside the park.
  • The park is a large parge offering abundant of activities to do and many views to see, so it’s better to plan your trip systematically and in advance. You can prepare a time table for that purpose.
  • Do make an advance booking for lodging requirements are there are only a few lodges in the area to stay. 
  • There are 6 campsites and the prices are determined on the basis of how long you are planning to stay, and if its only tent that you are going to require. Camping reservation is mandatory.

Number of Visitors

Around 594660 number of tourists visited the Denali National Park and Preserve.