Know About Haleakalā National Park

If you want to see bewildering sunsets and sunrises then Haleakala National Park of Maui Island, State of Hawaii, U.S.A is a perfect destination for you. The 33,265 acres of land is located near to the Pukalani city.

Established in July 1961, Park has two sections, Volcanic East Maui and Coastal West Maui.

If you want to hike the zenith and see stunning views then Eastside will be excellent for you. “Cycle to the Sun” challenge will be amazing for you to reach the peak and be a winner.

If you just want to enjoy the waterfalls and wander the coastal areas, then Kipahulu district will be an amazing destination for you.

Haleakala meaning the “House of the sun” is a wonderland of amazing bamboo forests, the warm sun rising over the crater walls, and the stunning volcanic landscape.

Take the tour of this beautiful park on a horse and do camping to have a pleasant day. 

The park is famous for its silver sword of the sunflower family and for the nene- a Hawaiian goose which is recognized as a state bird of Hawaii.

No. Of Visitors in 2018


Best Time To Visit


The best time to visit this magnificent Haleakala National Park is at any time of the year. The temperature will be from warm and pleasant. There will be rainfall but it will be in a limited amount.

Things to carry

Following are the things to carry to enjoy a pleasant day in Haleakala National Park

Reusable Thermos

Enjoy the sunrise by sipping tea or coffee. But please bring reusable thermos because littering is not permitted in the park.


Enjoy stargazing and don’t forget to click pics of the star formation. You can carry a DSLR camera for getting perfect pictures.

Layered Clothing

Wear layered clothing so that you can sustain any weather conditions.

Along with the above things, do carry first aid kit, sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, water, strong hiking shoes and water bottle.

Tips before Visiting

  • You have to do the reservation for sunrise viewing prior to two months before visiting the summit.
  • Silversword flowers can only be found on the peak.
  • IF you want to really explore important spots of the park then you should participate in the ranger-led programs.
  • There are three amazing wilderness campsites- Hōlua Campsite, Kapalaoa and Palikū Campsite for your amazing stay at night, 
  • Kīpahulu is the best place to enjoy the coastal life.