Katmai National Park

Katmai National Park of Alaska, USA is famous for the adorable brown bears. The park is a magical mixture of volcanoes, rivers, streams, rugged coastlines, broad green glacial hewn valleys, glaciers, and Naknek Lake.

The park is spread over 4,093,077 acres of land and is close to King Salmon city.

The park was established on December 1980, and beer viewing can be best done at Brooks Falls and kayaking can be best enjoyed at Savonoski Loop.

Park got its name because of its stunning Mount Katmai, A 7500-foot stratovolcano that was erupted in 1912.

The Oceanic life consists of rainbow trout, arctic char, arctic grayling, salmon, seals, sea otters and northern pike. The park is also home for cross fox, red fox, puffins, bald eagles and moose.

No. Of Visitors in 2018


Best Time To Visit

Mid-May to Mid-October

These are the best months to view the incredible, stunning and energetic brown bears wandering the park like they are the rulers of it. In the month of Mid-September and Mid-October, you will get to see the mesmerizingly dwelling of the bears along the rivers and the beach of the park.

Things to carry

Have a comfortable and safe day in the park by carrying the following things and please don’t forget to keep the environment clean by not littering.

Dust Mask and Goggles

Wear a dust mask and goggles to keep your eyes and throat safe from the volcanic ash.

Bear Spray

Carry bear spray to protect yourself from the attack of a bear.

Camping Gear

Carry tent, sleeping bags, camp stove, fuel, cable ties, duct tape, a knife, flashlights, spare parts for your stove and tent.

Navigation Equipment

Carry navigation tools that include a map, a GPS unit with extra batteries and a compass.

Head Nets and Long Sleeves

Wear head nets and long sleeves clothes to protect yourself from insect bites.

Along with the above items, also carry extra layer clothing, hiking shoes, rain gear for rainy weather, water, food, signalling device (a whistle), first aid kit, sunglasses, sunscreen, and a satellite phone.

Tips before Visiting

  • There is no entry fee to enter the Katmai National Park.
  • For camping, you have to pay a camping fee. 16 sites of camping are available, maximum of 60 people can stay on each site.
  • You can reach the national park by a flight from King Salmon airport or by road.
  • Brooks River is the best spot for viewing the bears catching fishes. There are viewpoints available to see the hunt.