Pinnacles National Park

Pinnacles National Park is a park of phenomenal cliffs, admirable crags and brilliantly crafted caves by an ancient volcano.

This park was formed in January 2013 and is located east of the Salinas Valley in Central California, about 9 km east of Soledad and 130 km southeast of San Jose.

Pinnacles National Park is fragmented into two parts- East and West and is spread over 26,606 acres of land.

The west will delight you by its amazing views of the rock formation with giving you an easiest 2.4-mile round-trip loop for hiking. And the east will bestow you with an amazing land for camping also it will offer you stunning views of Bear Gulch Cave.

Parks 13 landscapes were once inhabited by Ohlone people dating back to around 2000 years ago.

Various kinds of activities that you can do here are hiking trails, camping, cave seeing, rock climbing, and stargazing.

The Park is home for California Condors and various species of bees.

Best time to visit

March to November

March to November are the best months to visit California’s Pinnacles National Park as the temperature will be pleasant to hot with limited rainfall.

Things to carry

Here are the things that you should carry while exploring the Pinnacles National Park.

Headlamps or Flashlight

Explore the dark caves by using the light from the flashlight or a headlamp.


Have a closer look at a California condor by using a binocular.


Carry water in such a proportion that you will drink at least 1 litre of water per hour throughout your day.

Along with the above items, you should also carry insect repellent, sunglasses, sunscreen, binoculars, hiking shoes and clothes, a camera, and a first aid kit.

Tips before Visiting

  • There are two entrances for entering the Pinnacles National Park. The west entrance will offer views of rock formations. And the east entrance will offer an amazing campsite and is close to Bear Gulch Cave.
  • If you are confused regarding which trail to choose, then ask a park ranger. 
  • You may be required to make reservations for the astronomy program.
  • Stay aware of the poison oak and stinging nettle plants they can be allergic.
  • East entrance is open 24/7. But West entrance closes at night.
  • You have to pay a fee for your vehicles. However, there will be some selected days where you will not be required to pay entrance fees.

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